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Improv Excercise 

Choose a place anywhere in the world. Write down the name of a color. Choose a person you love or admire. Write a poem that connects that person to the place & color you chose.

Brain Storm Excercise 

Write a list of 10 titles for poems that you want to write in the future. Make sure the title clearly describes what the poem is going to be about. Connect your poem to the title using colors, sounds, and metaphors. 

Book It 

Go to your nearest bookshelf. Close your eyes and selecet three books. Use one book title as the title to a new poem and incorporate the next two book titles into your poem. 

Slay The Creature  

Create a creature and name it after your biggest fear. Where does this creature live? Is it big and menacing small and creepy, invisible & haunting? Can you hear it?

 What does it sound like?

What feeds the creature?

What does it rely on to live? What is your plan to defeat the creature? 


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