Personalized Poems

Gift your lover, friends or family the gift of your words transformed into poetry. 

How does it work?

Simply tell me about the person you want the poem written about in as much detail as possible and I will carefully craft a poem created by your sentiments.

How long are the poems?

Poems will be approximately 6-10 lines. Poems are designed to be concise and full of emotion and intention. 

Are these generic poems? 

No. Personalized means each poem is customized specifically for you or your chosen person 

which means there will never be another one like it on earth and that is what sentiments should be - unique and personal. I am grateful for the opportunity you have entrusted me to write a poem for you or your loved one and because of the energy, time, and intention it takes to craft each poem there will only be 50 personalized poems available. 

*Please note: I have the right to refuse any content I am unable to connect with to maintain the integrity of the work. 

How do I send you my poem request? 

Once you order - you will be directed to instructions on how to send your poem request. <3


Please note any orders received after 2/3/2019 may not arrive in time for valentines day because of the intentional time it takes to create poems.

Elisabet Velasquez 

Material: Cardstock

Available Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange White 
Print: Black Ink Pen 

Framing: Unframed 


© 2019 by Elisabet Velasquez